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Company Philosophy

Meet the innovators

Olympus Europa SE & CO. KG: A leading European healthcare and consumer electronics company

Since Olympus was founded in Japan in 1919, it has become a leading manufacturer of innovative optical and digital equipment for the healthcare and consumer electronics sectors. For over 90 years we have lead the way in designing endoscopy and microscopy products, medical and industrial equipment, cameras and voice recorders.

At Olympus we try to make the world a little better every day, and a healthier, safer and more fulfilling place for us all to live in. We are committed to developing new technologies, products and services that comply with the toughest industry standards and offer our customers improved safety, security, quality and productivity.

  • Responsabilità sociale

    Attribuiamo una grande importanza alla responsabilità sociale aziendale (CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility). La nostra strategia CSR si basa su quattro aree di focus, da noi integrate con i progetti locali.

  • Code of Ethics

    Ethical conduct is crucial to the success of our business.

  • Quality Management

    Olympus is known for its high-quality products and services and its efficient quality management system.

  • Cultural Statement

    The basic principles, objectives and values of our corporate culture.