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Our Most Advanced Energy System Yet: PLASMA+

The underlying high-frequency technology of PLASMA has been used for over 17 years and offers proven therapy for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). Now, with the third-generation bipolar technology, we have integrated the latest knowledge, experience and innovation.

The system sets new standards in terms of performance, treatment options, safety, cost and time efficiency.

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The + in Variety

From BPH to NMIBC — One System for Individual PLASMA Treatment

Combined with the intelligent ESG-410 power control unit, Olympus provides an extended portfolio of electrodes to expand your treatment possibilities.

With resection loops in different sizes and angles, needle and band electrodes, oval and round vaporization buttons and a special enucleation loop, the Olympus PLASMA+ system provides a wide range of solutions for BPH and NMIBC treatment.



The SuperPulsed Laser System SOLTIVE Premium is powered by a novel energy source for striking results compared to conventional Holmium YAG. Get used to dusting in half the time. Fragmenting stones relentlessly – with virtually no retropulsion. 1 Precisely cutting through soft tissue and state-of-the-art prostate enucleation, with visibly improved hemostasis. 2

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NBI - Improve Detection, Reduce Recurrence

The NBI technology is proven for improved detection and reduced recurrence of NMIBC. In combination with the PLASMA system it offers the optimal clinical outcome of NMIBC treatment.

Discover the value of NBI for NMIBC treatment >>

iTind - Minimally Invasive BPH Treatment

iTind is a temporarily implanted nitinol device which delivers rapid relief from BPH symptoms through a minimally invasive treatment.

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