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Trans Cervical Resection in saline (TCRis)

TCRis (Trans Cervical Resection in saline) is a safe and fast way to treat abnormal bleeding by endometrial ablation, or bipolar resection of intracavitary myomas, uterine septa or uterine polyps. By using saline, the risk of hyponatraemia is significantly reduced with the TCRis system.

TCRis 2.0 is a brand new generation of the TCRis system that delivers the latest standard of technology. The Surgmaster resectoscope offers the best ergonomy available in combination with a wide range of electrodes, including the new mushroom electrode that eliminates the need to clear the uterine cavity of tissue chips and therefore shortens the procedure time.

The new energy platform ESG-400 delivers advanced energy for a dry and fast cut and reliable coagulation, combined with easy operation of the generator with its touch screen and plug-and-play features.

For a steady supply of current flow and balancing of liquid loss, the HysteroFlow II pump and HysteroBalance II balancing systems give a high rate of security for the patient by monitoring the procedure as well as for the surgeon with easy operation through the large and easy-to-read touch display and alarm settings.

The VISERA ELITE platform is the newest generation of HD imaging platform. It produces the best picture possible in therapeutic hysteroscopy as well as the lightest camera head available that eases the procedure with a pendulum design.

Shortened procedure time


The new TCRis vaporisation electrode guarantees smooth and fast vaporisation of tissue with reliable coagulation and a dry tissue surface. The elimination of needing to take out tissue chips reduces procedure time significantly.

Safer procedure


The large touch display of the new HysteroFlow II pump is simple to operate. Instrument recognition enables optimal flow characteristics and the best picture. By exactly monitoring the loss of fluid during the procedure the balancing system HysteroBalance II increases the patient's safety.

More efficiency in the OR


The plug-and-play ESG-400 generator delivers a fast cut and reliable coagulation, simple set-up and compatibility with monopolar or bipolar instruments. It is one generator for all your needs in the OR.

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    TCRis - Trans Cervical Resection in saline

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