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Open Fine Jaw

Sophisticated Design for Fine and Precise Open Surgery

Open Fine Jaw

Sophisticated Design for Fine and Precise Open Surgery

Advanced energy devices in open surgery go beyond standard monopolar and bipolar applications. They allow for shorter procedure times and reduced use of hemostatic clips, sutures, or ligation ties, thus saving time and materials costs.

The THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw maintains the general philosophy behind the THUNDERBEAT technology, and the instrument has been specifically designed for open surgical procedures that require delicate and fine tissue dissection, such as in thyroidectomy or various Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) and breast procedures. The result is a highly ergonomic instrument that cuts tissue fast, seals vessels safely and securely, and allows for extremely fine tissue dissection and spot coagulation.

Key benefits

Speed and Safety with Synergistic Energy


Fastest in class tissue cutting and secure vessel sealing through the unique combination of ultrasonic and bipolar energy in SEAL & CUT mode.

Secondary Hemostasis and Spot Coagulation


In the SEAL mode, advanced bipolar energy can be applied to immediately seal secondary bleeders without the cutting effects of ultrasonic energy.

Fine and Precise Tissue Dissection


Fine, and curved tip allows precise and fine tissue dissection even in hard-to-reach places.

Enhanced Tissue-Grasping Capability


The instrument securely grasps and holds tissue without traumatizing it due to the unique jaw design with atraumatic serrations and uniform tissue compression.

Integration of two Forms of Energy
Only the THUNDERBEAT system delivers two well-established types of energy to the tissue simultaneously:
- Ultrasonic energy, which is widely accepted for its fast tissue-cutting capability.
- Bipolar energy, which provides fast and secure hemostasis to vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter.

The combination of both forms of energy is delivered through the unique SEAL & CUT mode that only the THUNDERBEAT system offers. Tissue bundles and vessels are safely sealed and rapidly cut, allowing the surgeon to reduce tissue-dissection time.

Secure, atraumatic grasping
This versatile and advanced jaw grasps and holds tissue without traumatizing it due to a unique design with atraumatic serrations and uniform tissue compression.

Ergonomic Grip
As you would expect from Olympus, the THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw has an ergonomic grip designed to help prevent hand slippage.

Tissue Stopper
This stopper helps to control the amount of tissue to be transected and prevents tissue squeezing without activation.

Optimized Balance and Lightweight
THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw provides precise and direct tactile feeling with scissors-type grip, similar to state-of-the-art surgical instruments.

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    THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw Product Video

    Sophisticated Design for Fine and Precise Open Surgery.

    Video – THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw Product Video

    The insertion tube rotation function gives bronchoscopists precise control of the insertion tube. The operator can change the direction of the insertion tube by turning the rotation control ring instead of turning the bronchoscope’s control section.

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    THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw Assembly Video

    Shows how to assemble and disassemble the THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw.

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    THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw First Clinical Case Video

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