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TCRis (Trans Cervical Resection in saline)

Bipolar Resection

The Olympus SurgMaster Resectoscope for Trans Cervical Resection in saline (TCRis) significantly reduces the risk of a TUR syndrome. Exceptional precision, improved visualisation and the ability to perform a bipolar application add to its benefits.

Key benefits

Faster due to vaporisation electrode

The new vaporisation electrode ensures improved visualisation, shortened operative time and a more gentle procedure with increased patient comfort.

Safer by the use of saline

The use of saline significantly reduces the risk of hyponatraemia. In addition, no patient plate is necessary so no burnings can occur.

Electrical plasma increases precision

The HF-generator ensures exceptional precision of tissue cutting for monopolar and bipolar resections.

The Olympus SurgMaster Resectoscope for Trans Cervical Resection in saline (TCRis) allows the gynaecologist to overcome many of the risks inherent in monopolar electrosurgery. It allows resection to take place for longer, alleviating the need for repeat procedures. Weighing just 248 grams, it offers ease of use with excellent vision and precision at all times.

Anti Blocking System (ABS)
The unique Olympus ABS ensures reliable saline flow, even under challenging conditions, thereby guaranteeing good visualisation, even when passing the cervical canal.

Optimised ergonomics
At just 284 grams, the SurgMaster resectoscope is one of the lightest rotatable continuous flow resectoscopes. Optimised ergonomics, with little finger spread and smooth material, ensure a comfortable handling and no fatigue for the surgeon.

Easy-assembly Olympus Logical-Locking-System (LLS)
The LLS ensures quick and reliable assembly and disassembly by an easy clicking mechanism of the different elements. It also guarantees a reliable leak-proof system.

Telescope diameter 4 mm
Telescope working length280 mm
Telescope direction of view12°
Inner sheath A42011A 
Ceramic Beak 
Anti Blocking System (ABS) 
Logical-Locking-System (LLS) 
Outer sheath A42021A8.5 mm
Available electrodes single useVaporization electrode
Small loop
Medium loop
Large loop
Band electrode
Small angled loop
Medium angled loop
Roller ball
45° needle electrode
Available electrodes reusableRoller ball
45° needle electrode
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    TCRis - Trans Cervical Resection in saline

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    TCRis - Resection of a submucosal myoma

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