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MET in Advanced Lap. Treatment of Deep Endometriosis


MET in Advanced Laparoscopic Treatment of Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis

Casa di Cura C.G. Ruesch Viale Maria Christina di Savoia 39
80122 Naples

We are all aware that nowadays endometriosis is probably the most challenging among gynecologic benign diseases in terms of epidemiologic spread and impact on women’s quality of life, and the management of these patients is still characterized by several critical points.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive update on the overall management of this disease, from diagnosis to clinical and surgical treatment, with special attention to the reproductive outcome. We are convinced that the best management of patients affected by endometriosis may arise from the creation of a specialized network of referral centers for diagnosis and treatment. To achieve this, complete knowledge of the disease is crucial for any clinician facing it in his daily practice, in order to make the best possible use of advancing science to improve the care of patients.

We built the scientific program in order to offer lectures on the main topics and live surgery and ultrasound sessions with interactive debates to show their practical application, so that at the end of the Medical Expert Training the participants are expected to have a detailed comprehension of the anatomical knowledge and surgical skills needed to correctly perform endoscopic surgery to treat endometriosis, ultrasound exam requirements to perform an accurate mapping of the lesions, information about other imaging techniques appropriate for presurgical evaluation of patients, correct principles of medical treatment and management of infertile patients with endometriosis.

The Medical Expert Training is divided into two days: One for the theoretical part and one dedicated entirely to live surgery, with the participation of Medical Expert Training attendees in the operating room. The theoretical part will be focused on acquiring full knowledge of the endometriotic disease both from the diagnostic and therapeutic standpoints, with particular attention to the evaluation of surgical indications, techniques used, the anatomical basis necessary for optimal treatment, and benefits arising from the use of new hybrid energy devices, as well as the impact of treatment strategies on the reproductive potential of the patient. The second day will be entirely dedicated to the live surgery in the operating room.

Prof. Mario Malzoni

Training Location
Casa di Cura C.G. Ruesch
Viale Maria Christina di Savoia 39
80122 Naples, Italy

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Day one

03.00 p.m.
Welcome and introduction

03.15 p.m.

  • Surgical anatomy of female pelvis
  • Ultrasound evaluation of pelvic endometriosis
  • Ovarian endometrioma: Management and surgical treatment technique. What is the impact on the ovarian reserve?
  • Endoscopic surgery for pelvic endometriosis: Tips and tricks
  • Medical treatment options for patients with endometriosis
  • Vessel-sealing technology

08:30 p.m.

Day two

08.30 a.m.
Live surgery with three procedures, e. g.:

  • Deep pelvic endometriosis with bowel involvement (segmental resection)
  • Deep pelvic endometriosis with urinary tract involvement
  • Deep pelvic endometriosis with severe adhesions

02.00 p.m.
Concluding discussion and lunch

02.30 p.m.
End of the Medical Expert Training and departure

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