Facilitation of Training Courses

The Olympus Professional Education network organizes face-to-face training courses in Olympus-owned training centers and in partner hospitals. The global COVID-19 pandemic necessitates changes when conducting face-to-face Medical Expert Training and Sales Training courses brought to you by Olympus Professional Education and Training & Education.

These changes may differ according to the local situation. Nevertheless, online and digital alternatives can replace face-to-face events during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that training events can continue to take place.

  • Attendance will be limited, so everyone can realistically adhere to social-distancing measures. A limit on the number of participants in one room will be imposed depending on its size.
  • Participants and employees are provided with the necessary PPE and will be informed in advance of what will be included. Throughout a training session nose and mouth protection (mask) without valve is mandatory except where a distance of 1.50 m between participants can be ensured (e.g., lecture room). All course material will be provided digitally.
  • Olympus employees continuously check updates by governments and health-care organizations as well as internal communication to adjust to the latest developments.

We are looking forward to a valuable training experience, and we are there for you for all COVID-19 related requests. We are grateful for the opportunity for personal interaction with you.